About Emma

I left my 9 to 5 job 8 years ago to fulfil my dream of starting my own business. I could see that most marketing was all the same and that businesses were really struggling to attract the right clients and have a message that made them different. So using my passion for creative content and background in psychology, I have helped 100’s of businesses get crystal clear on their message, so they stand out, get noticed, and fill their businesses with clients in record time!

How I can help you...

#1 More Money

I help clients like you double & triple your income!

#2 Self Confidence

I can give you actionable tips on how to get out of your own way and stop second-guessing yourself

#3 Love What You Do

I can help you to get the business you’ve always wanted


Hey 👋 I'm Emma Boylan and My Mission Is To Help You Fill Your Business With our Ideal Clients.

When I started my business I did all the wrong things ….because, well I didn’t know any better, and after a year or so of being broke and working with the wrong clients and getting little back from my own social media, I was starting to think;

Is this it?
Is this as good as it gets?
Working my ass off for little or no return…

I remember thinking to myself “I don’t know how much longer I can do this, I love marketing but I wanted to make a bigger impact. I wanted to work with the right clients and attract them in an easier way” - and it literally HIT me like a ton of bricks in that moment a voice said - why don’t you?

So I focused on growing my business, the way I wanted to and having gone through all that and wishing I had me 8 years ago to show me the way, I want to help you now! I show entrepreneurs  how to grow their businesses through sharing my own tried and true strategies that I've used to successfully build my own and 100’s of client’s business. 

You should never feel like you're in this alone, I’m here to help you all you have to do is ask…

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5 Fun Facts About Me

I Always Wanted to Be an Actress

After I got my Psychology Degree, I decided to go to The Gaiety School of Acting, in Dublin, Ireland to pursue my dream of acting....still mid-scene

I’m a World Champion Debater

So, don’t get into a disagreement with me - I was part of an organisation called Junior Chamber International (JCI) that lead me to amazing experiences and developed me as a person and because of JCI I got the chance to learn to debate and with my team go on to win at world debating level.

My Go to Karaoke Song is Proud Mary - Tina Turner

It started in a Cabo Cantina in Santa Monica with my best friend and we’ve been singing it ever since...badly but singing it anyway.

I LOVE What I Do

When I was 18 I read a book on the psychology of shopping since then I was hooked on why the customer buys, their behaviour and how we can use that in business and marketing!

I have delivered 100’s of Talks and Workshops in Ireland, United Kingdom and American

 I love to travel and spent a year traveling the world before I started my business, now I get to combine my love of travel and the work I love!